18th INBUSH ERA World Summit 2018 from 7th – 9th February 2018 at Amity University, Noida & Gr. Noida Campuses

Recently, held the 18th International Business Horizon, INBUSH ERA World Summit 2018 from 7th – 9th February 2018 at Amity University, Noida & Gr. Noida Campuses, a conclave where dignitaries from the field of international education, business, entrepreneurs and other fields gathered. Many of those personalities not only pioneered into their respective fields but also an acumen who envisage beyond time. They shared their rich experience and vast knowledge to genX and today’s world dynamics.

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On this occasion, Mr. Saju Jacob – Founder & CMD of European Institute of Foreign Languages & International Studies was conferred with the Amity Global Corporate Excellence Award for his contributions in the field of International education, entrepreneurial skills and international law. It’s a moment of pride for our institute as our Founder & CMD not only recognized for his work and contributions towards the society but we also awarded for the ‘International Internship Project for Management Students’ in Germany.




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This program will help the management students to enrich their knowledge and implement it in real time situation besides have the opportunity to work with global giants and business houses/companies in Germany. Germany is one of the world largest economy and biggest in Europe. The students will undergo extensive training in their respective fields and also able to explore, learn and know a new culture, tradition and its rich heritage. They will also witness the natural beauty of the country.

As we have expertise and vast experience due to our decade long presence in Germany and other nations and we are of Indian origin so we know and understand the environment and work culture in India and abroad like Germany, US, UK, Canada, Australia and other European nations. We will also provide support services, visa assistance and more at a competitive cost. It will be a great learning to start a career with us.

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