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The level of advanced English is higher than Basic English so the learning process is higher. The coaching of advanced English will have idiomatic phrases. In Advanced English, the student will learn the making of a complex sentence, the level of vocabulary will higher and the books which are suggested by the trainer and it has a high level to learn the terms of the advance English at the English language Center in Delhi, the student first learns basic English level.

  • The student will learn advanced English through Audio and Video aids, to understand things carefully.

  • The main purpose of the advance English, the student has more stress on communication skills. How to communicate with each other and day-to-day conversation.

  • As a team, we will work on body language skill as well. The influence of body language on different places plays an important role. The skill of public speaking, for instance, the use right word for the different situations and conditions.

An English language course in Delhi, the classes will take place alternate days for two hours. The advanced level of English will more work on verbal and written skills. Think in English and write in English is the main purpose of the three-month sessions because think in English will make students more creative and imaginary.

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