Bastille French Day Celebration Inter Cultural Seminar on Foreign Language Guru

“Bastille Day Celebration”

French National Day (14th July’ 2017)

Recently on 15th July’2017 Foreign Language Guru celebrated ‘Bastille Day French National Day organized by the French Department of the institute at their premises. The enthusiasm and active participation of the students, as well as trainers from all the departments and staff members, were found to be amazing and a platform to interact with each other and know the culture of other nations like France, Germany, Russia, Spain, China, Japan, USA and UK.

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The event started with a welcome speech by a senior member of the institute followed by an introduction about Bastille Day and its significance by the French trainer along with an informative video to know about French culture. Then a quiz competition in which students from other languages also participated. After that a tribute was given to ‘Edith Piaf’ – France’s greatest star by singing one of her all time popular number.

Then there was a presentation and interactive session among all the students and trainers to share their respective views and experience in Foreign Language Guru followed by refreshment. The inputs were encouraging for the administration and management of the institute as it was in tune with its vision and mission followed by a performance by a staff member. The ambiance and the lively environment were electrifying which made all charged up completely.

The event culminated with an elegant dance performance by one of the German student which enthralled the audience to join her followed by prize distribution, photo session and a thanks giving speech by a member of the institute. The event was a great success and memorable for all the members of the Foreign Language Guru family.



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