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Foreign language training

Today the technologies have made inroads into human life and bring countries together. Travel across the globe has become easier, information & technology and video conferencing etc. has changed the functionality of businesses across different sectors. Most of the time people are on the move from one country to other for business purpose but most of the times communication becomes a challenge for them in a foreign nation. So the relevance to know a foreign language was realized and it was a boon in guise. As most of the major business biggies started to impart foreign language training to its resources in order to overcome the communication barrier in other country, its being a major hindrance and lead to strain relations if not communicated in proper manner.

We provide foreign language training which not only builds confidence but one can learn a new language which opens door to new culture, traditions and its rich heritage and enhance the intellect. The most sort after foreign languages are – German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and English being the foremost among all. After English these languages are spoken widely around the world and due to globalization, knowledge of it will be an opportunity for better employment prospects and an advantage.

We acquaint you to effectively read, write and speak and be an active listener too. As four aspects of any language are not only important but inter dependent or complimentary to each other. So in order to have a mastery or formidable command on any language you should have all the four facets of a language. You will not only learn about the culture but the pronunciation, vocabulary and sentence formation and more so to have enhanced communication skills and interact with the native speakers. Two way communications is important to exchange and share opinions & views and to be successful in professional and personal life.

The advantages to learn foreign language through us are:

  • For Multinational Companies, training of a new language is profitable and it develops an approach to communicate in a foreign language.
  • The employee will become more versatile and easily interact with foreign clients, which is good for the business.
  • Speak a foreign language helps improve mental ability and innovativeness of employees. It enhances their self- confidence.
  • Our wide range of language training programs allow us to provide a unique solution to train employees of a MNC
  • Our trainers are highly-qualified native speakers who understand the needs of people working in business sector and professionals.
  • There will be a limited number of learners in every session to deliver personalize attention to them.
  • We also offer “Voice and Accent” training program to Corporates.

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