Chinese Basic Level A1+A2

Chinese Basic Level A1+A2

This course is instructed in Chinese. Our program plans to build up the four dialect aptitudes of tuning in, talking, perusing and composing and additionally culture awareness. It gives a decent harmony between comprehension the way of life, vocabulary, composing framework (characters) and linguistic use structures of the Chinese language and improving correspondence and association. It underpins far-reaching and profitable aptitudes in discourse and composing through legitimate based exercises and guided practice in the utilization of Chinese language. The student will be urged to look for chances to learn and rehearse the four abilities outside the classroom exploiting learning assets gave by coaches and the program. Lessons are wanted to permit concentrated intelligent practice with individual criticism and guidance on advance.

Grammar rules

Themes in literature

Conversational skills

Cantonese language

Chinese history and culture

Character calligraphy


Advance Chinese

Chinese Trainer

He is a post graduate in the Chinese language. Most of the time he uses the most innovative and creative way to teach the student. His relation with foreign language guru is very trustworthy because for him teaching Chinese language is passion.
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