German Intermediate B1+B2

German Intermediate B1+B2

At the Intermediate levels , you will learn utilitarian relational abilities, for example, how to present yourself,  ask for direction, go shopping, fill in enlistment shapes, send essential messages, make arrangements etc. In the event that your time before going to Germany is greatly restricted, the A1 level course will give you the ingrained instincts you’ll discover precious once you are in the nation.

At Foreign language Guru, you will figure out how to communicate in more mind-boggling circumstances – express your assessments, give short presentations. Toward the end of Intermediate level, you will start to build up a vibe for the dialect and speak with expanding familiarity.

  • How to give presentation
  • Formal use of German language
  • Different types of terms( medical, legal and professional )
  • Interrogative conversation in The German language



Advance German

German Trainer

Our German language trainer is well versed in all the nuances of teaching the German language, using the most engaging and interesting training methods. He is the best and effective communicator in German Language at our institute.
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