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Russian Basic Level A1+A2

Russian Basic Level A1+A2

Our program arrangements to develop the four lingo aptitudes of tuning in, talking, examining and creating and moreover culture awareness. It gives a good amicability between perception the lifestyle, vocabulary, creating system (characters) and semantic utilize structures of the Russian language and enhancing correspondence and affiliation. It supports extensive and gainful aptitudes in talk and forming through activities and guided practice in the usage of Russian language. The student will be encouraged to search for opportunities to learn and practice the four capacities outside the classroom and learning resources gave by mentors and the program. Lessons are needed to allow concentrated wise practice with individual feedback and direction on progress.

• A communicative competence in the target language
• Awareness about language and communications
• An understanding of how to go about learning a foreign language
• A level of cultural awareness


Russian Trainer

Our Russian Language Trainer is well qualified and carrying the degree of Master in the Russian language from a famous institute. The Curriculum that we provide to the student, the trainer is successful in covering essential zone.
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