Basic English Course

Basic English Course

The English Language classes are divided into four categories; basic English, advance English, English for professionals and personality development. Our main focus in terms of Basic English is to focus on the major challenge that is mother tongue influence on English. So, the trainer first works on it through simple techniques and work on the thought process of the student. The student will also get suggestions from the trainer at English language school in Delhi.

  • The grammar book will suggest by the trainers itself.
  • Both the trainer and the student will work together as a team on Indian and mother tongue influence. Through the session, they will work on the vocabulary, grammar, and spelling.
  • In Basic English language course student will learn pronunciation and understanding of tenses ( past, present and future)
  • Duration of the course is three months, alternate day classes for two hours. The timing of the classes is very versatile for the student, business man, employ or the house maker. During the session, students will go through weekly tests like writing, listening and free speech. The first half of the class will include free speech and the rest of the other class will work on construction of sentence making, comprehension, and the accent.

Don’t think much as our English Language classes will make your daily life more simple and comfortable , so join English language school in Delhi. Our new batches will start in next month.


Advance Level

English Trainer

He is a post graduate in literature with more than a decade of teaching experience. An enthusiast who firmly believes that learning should be fun as "Words are the only things that last forever".
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