English For Business man

English For Business man

English for professional refers to the learning process at a technical level. English at a professional level means to crack the interview on a higher level where communication skills matter a lot. We more focus on the group discussion like a conversation in a group at same topic with a different type of thought process.

  • For the international business purpose, we more focus on a telephone conversation.
  • To make the student understands things more carefully we provide them demo classes for how to give a presentation as well as has a group discussion in a team.
  • For the professional English, though the process is very important and for it the trainer provides a creative idea to make student mind more flexible and versatile. How to speak in sequence or how to explain a thing in a way.

English for professional is very important and the student will learn communication skills for international business, human resources, banking, medical or technical English at the best English language institute in Delhi.  The duration of the course is three months, alternate day classes for two hours. Most of the business-oriented student or the public speaker uses this platform to establish them.



Advance Level

English Trainer

He is a post graduate in literature with more than a decade of teaching experience. An enthusiast who firmly believes that learning should be fun as "Words are the only things that last forever".
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