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We at the School of Foreign Languages & International Studies offers a specially designed ‘Crash Course’ for corporate, organizations and MNCs from different industry based on their respective business needs. As at times business houses send their employees abroad on a short term project, senior staff or middle-level management/professionals for negotiations, trade fairs or exhibitions etc. There your employee may come across people with varied culture, tradition, and most importantly different language. It is very difficult and challenging to communicate in such situations and make them alienated from that surrounding. Due to this and to overcome these hindrances the importance and knowledge of other language came into existence.

As a result now mostly organizations focus to up skill their resources / employees into the local language before being departed to that country or place. So, that one can easily express their views, opinions and have a two way communication. People do travel to developed or emerging economies like India, China. Communication in local language bridges the gap, builds confidence and proper understanding to convey the message.

We do assist to overcome this barrier of communication through this specially designed crash course for effective communication in a short span of time with our expertise. You will be taught basic etiquette and mannerisms to interact with the locals in a friendly and yet professional manner.

We do offer the crash course for the following foreign languages:

The course will include things which are used in our day-to-day conversations as mentioned below:

  • Salutation / Greetings

  • Mannerism

  • Phone etiquettes

  • Table mannerisms

  • How to describe a person etc?

  • How to ask directions / tickets / food etc?

  • General / simple sentence formation

  • Numbers

  • Asking cost

  • Local dialect / slangs

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