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English for Lawyers & CA

How to use and speak English in your job.

General Rules of English for spoken English.

How to write English in – Letter, notices, petitions, power of attorney, affidavit. Will, property documentation, agreements, notary documentation, attestation, and others. Inventory, Profit and Loss a/c, Balance sheet Audits, Due Diligence.

Legal English, professional English, and other related language verbs. Nouns and commonly used terms- Examination, Cross Examination, Chief Examination. Trials, arguments, argument notes, plaint, complaints and other legal documentation.

Group Discussion (GD)

How to use English in your daily life.

Objectives: Overcome barriers in your profession, enhance confidence to speak English in a better way.  Become an effective speaker, Achieve the next milestone in the career, and become fluent in English

Our main focus will be on pronunciation, sentence formation, vocabulary, and grammar. Where we usually falter while we speak or write. However, most of us irrespective of any profession. Designation not only ignores but hardly give importance to the above. As a result, at times we make things difficult. For us to explain and for others to comprehend due to incorrect use of the language and make things complex. This course will help you to use English in a better way in various situation

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