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Foreign Language Guru is one of the Best French language Courses in Delhi. We are providing best French classes in Delhi. French is a popular global language and approximately 300 million people speak it either as a native language or as a second language. It is not only the official language of France but in a total of 35 countries. In parts of Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, and Canada it is spoken as the first language. Many schools in Europe and across the globe teach French as a second language. Likewise, it is taught in many schools in India as well and very popular.

As one of the official languages of the United Nations its global presence is obvious. It is also widely spoken in many parts of Africa. Relating to job matters French will be a worthy asset). Besides, the knowledge of historic incidents, like e.g. the French Revolution, will offer you a deep and important understanding about the impacts these incidents still have today.

 Benefits of a French Language Course 

Why learn French

 1. Worldwide significance 

Approximately 300 million people speak French either as a native language or as a second language. It is not only the official language of France but in a total of 35 countries, e.g. Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, African nations like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon or the Ivory Coast.

 2. Business and Job options 

French is extremely widespread and speaking French in business matters will open many doors for you in French-speaking countries. Especially if you are planning to live in Canada, in France or in some French-speaking African nations it will be very helpful.

 3. Traveling knowledge 

In case you plan to travel to a French-speaking country you will enjoy the different culture at a much deeper level if you are able to speak French yourself. Even basic knowledge will be greatly honored by the locals and will bring you much closer to the heart of the people. Besides being able to bargain in the local language it will also save you a lot of money (especially in countries like Morocco or Tunisia).

 Scope to learn the French language Course 

french Language Students

A high proficiency level in French will open doors for students as well as for highly qualified professionals in French-speaking countries. Especially in areas like tourism, government offices, translation services, advertising, media, global organizations, logistics etc. French will be an advantage.

A  French language Course with Foreign Language Guru will boost your career options. At Foreign Language Guru we make sure that each student will receive the best support to become fluent and confident in speaking French. Besides putting a strong emphasis on verbal skills like pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary we also teach non-verbal skills like body language and active listening for a better cultural understanding.

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