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IELTS is an International English Language Testing System. It is required for international students, prospective immigrants, and professionals under some visa categories for English speaking nations like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and U.K. etc.

IELTS exam evaluates the English language skills of the test taker in four skill areas – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. There are two test categories – IELTS Academic and IELTS General. IELTS academic test is for candidates planning to study abroad and IELTS general test is for the candidates planning for job or immigration purpose.

IELTS exam is conducted and managed by the British Council, IDP Education, and Cambridge ESOL.

There are four sections in IELTS exam – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking and each section has its own time duration mentioned below (Both Academic and General category):-

Reading Section: 60 Minutes

Writing Section: 60 Minutes

Listening Section: 30 Minutes

Speaking Section: 11 to 15 Minutes

Reading Section: 3 sections, 40 items

Listening Section: 4 sections, 40 items

Speaking Section:  3 tasks, (Introduction and interview, Talk on a topic, two-way communications)

Writing Section (for Academic): 2 tasks (Graph – 150 words and Essay – 250 Words)

Writing Section (for General): 2 tasks (letter writing – 150 words and Essay – 250 words)

No, the complete IELTS test takes 2 days time. The reading, writing, and listening sections are conducted in one day and the speaking section is conducted on another day. It may be conducted one week earlier or one week later depending on where the student has got registered.

The results are declared online on the 13th day after the IELTS exam. And the Test Report/Scorecard is provided on 15th day.

The IELTS test result shows overall English skills and ability in four area Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Scores are given on a scale of 1 to 9 overall as well as for each section of the test.

There is no pass or fail marks. Following is the IELTS exam scoring criteria:-

Correct AnswersBand ScoreLevel of EnglishDescriptionKey Points
409Expertthe command in the English language, accurate, appropriate, highly flexible, fluent with full understandingAccurate
398.5Full Understanding
37-388Very GoodHas complete command with only rare errors (which are unsystematic) or inappropriate words. Deals with complex situations well but have rare errors in complex situations but can deal with detailed argumentationRare Errors
367.5Uses complex language well
34-357GoodGood command of English but also have occasional inaccuracies, misunderstandings or inappropriate words. Can use complex language quite well and understands detailed argumentation quite well.Only occasional errors
32-336.5Uses Complex language quite well in most situations
30-316CompetentEffective command of English but also have some errors, inappropriate words, and misunderstandings in some situations. Can use complex language quite well but best in familiar situationsSome errors
27-295.5Use some complex language which is best in familiar situations
23-265ModestHas partial command of English and can deal with overall meaning. Make frequent errors. Has better English in common situations. Does not deal with complex language well.Frequent errors
19-224.5Has difficulties with complex language

The minimum IELTS score accepted differs from country to country and University to University. However, 6.5 band score is a must to apply abroad.

INR 12,500 is examination fee for IELTS (Both for General or Academic)

There is no limit as such to sit for the IELTS exam.

The scores are valid for 2 years

IELTS is not suggested for the candidates under the age of 16 years.

As mentioned above, the IELTS exam is conducted by the British Council and IDP Education. Candidate can book an examination date online with any of them. Fill in the application form and pay a fee online. We also assist our students to book IELTS examination date

Earlier there was a restriction of 3 months to re-appear the IELTS exam. But now considering the high demand for IELTS examination, the conducting bodies have now change the criteria and make it more convenient for the candidates. Now you can appear the IELTS exam without any time restriction.

The candidate needs to carry the original Passport and its photocopy, Admit Card print and pencils should be carried as the test is not allowed to be taken with Pen.

To cancel or postpone the IELTS exam, you need to apply five weeks advance to the date of the test. Then the application would be considered and a refund would be applicable after the deduction of an administration fee. But if the cancellation is done within five weeks from the date of the exam, then there will be no refund of registration fee

Once you book an examination date and fail to appear on the day of IELTS exam, the registration fee will not be refunded. However, if a medical certificate is provided then the full fee is refunded minus the local administrative deduction.

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