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Inter-culture seminar

  • In times of globalization with fewer boundaries between countries, lots of travelers, people and employees travel around on a daily basis, either for trade fairs, business meeting, negotiations, trading, or in taking part in the tender, or for employment purpose, they all need introduction into the new of culture of that particular country or field. Every country is associated with its own culture and social structure. There are taboos, which one should not use in language or in body language or in negotiations. We are specialists for providing you an introduction into every new culture. Our professionals will impart you with basic language skills, whether it is Chinese,  Japanese, German, Russian, Indian or French or any language for that matter, we make you comfortable in that particular country with basic knowledge of culture, language, do’s and don’t’s, social taboos, and all table manners, food culture, weather-based dress code, and basic humanistic nature. We are a vehicle of various cultures and let it travel in your mind before you start your travel.  If you are an Indian, and go to another country, you may think, that whatever works in your country will work in other country too. It is a wrong perception. If you are in Rom, you should think and act like Roman. Before you start your travel, one has to wear the specs of that particular country and try to see everything related to that particular country through their specs. At our School of Foreign Languages and international studies, we strengthen you with intercultural seminars, integration courses, and relocation courses.

What are the reasons for organizing Inter-culture seminar?

  • To meet with challenges in a new atmosphere, where Foreign culture Vs. your own culture
  • Foreign language learning and foreign culture acknowledgment as an additional knowledge to acquire new business;
  • Knowledge about Multiculturalism;
  • Entomb/Cross-social Education and Language Curriculum Design;
  • Basic English class and also local language like German or Chinese and its cross cultural and respect the other culture.

The benefit of Inter-culture seminar:

  • Knowledge about interrelated issues of cultural problems;
  • Familiarity with business culture, social culture, and food culture, negotiation tactics
  • Start your travel with confidence in new culture.
  • Knowledge about dress code, table manners, business manners, body language, do’s and don’t”s
  • Special coaching for the employees travelling to new countries
  • To energize you to discover a trade-off between their local culture and the educated culture.

  • The inter-culture seminar is specially designed for the MNCS so they can easily develop their relation with the other counties and grow their business with them. Our courses offer you a profound understanding of the way of life of the nation you will go to, work with us.
  • New HR practices, new employees, and new employment laws.

Inter Cultural Training Program:

3 days Course- 8 Hours per day, at clients place or in-house training on language and culture of target country

Contents of seminar will be discussed with the client in advance. Requirement of legal cultural training or HR Management Training will be added as per discussion.


  • Do’s and Don’ts of a country, in which your employee is going to work or your are going to work, Social taboos and general prohibitions of particular foreign language and culture
  • All important aspects in respect of cultural sensibilities, business etiquette, existing in a particular country.
  • Basic language requirement of your daily life – with various examples, Hearing, understanding and talking of various negotiations, general talks, and trade fair practices,
  • Food Culture, Breakfast talks, Beer and Wine culture of a target country
  • Greetings, numbers, and basic knowledge of communication, and how to deal with females, elder people
  • Dress code, lifestyle, basic geography, mode of transportation, weather and clothing, mode of transportation, different technology in daily life, like different sockets, different perception about nightlife.
  • Body language, table manners, and other related issues like office discipline and importance of punctuality, the importance of keen attention in a meeting, keeping the mobile on silent mode, etc, to make your personality and company more attractive
  • Basic knowledge of legal culture, means, rules and regulations like how to manage your daily life in a new legal environment, eg:  traffic rules, importance of respecting various signals, requirement of driving license, general documents to carry with while travelling or driving, and basic knowledge of tax issues
  • HR issues and management practices in a company- What to talk, how to talk, how to behave in various occasions, how to express your disagreement, how to manage your negotiations
  • Weather information, basic contact with your local community, knowledge about local restaurants, and other local sensibilities
  • Local dialect and culture besides the best place for lodging and famous places to spend your leisure and a smooth transition with least inconvenience.
  • Religion, and holy places, Geography, restricted areas, a small history of a target country, visa and immigration rules and regulations, assistance in organizing your visa, a time difference


Our expertise will assist in your relocation anywhere across the globe. Relocation means, finding out a new accommodation for living before your travel, real estate agencies in your new location, basic negotiations, agreements in the language of a particular country, getting assistance from our local partners, and details of your community in a locality.


Personality Development in Foreign Language and Culture

  • Be as positive as a proton

  • Be more passionate

  • Handle your emotions

  • Learn the art of breathing right

  • Communicate effectively

  • Possess the equality of patience

People do travel overseas mainly on business consolidation or integration process

Trade Fairs in a foreign country (as a visitor or Exhibitor)

In order to participate in a trade fair abroad, it is very important to get acquainted or familiarize with the local business sentiments and environment. We provide special training on market & showcase products, assist in finding local staff who speaks a local language before your travel to the country.

For negotiations

At times one may visit foreign nation due to a business obligation or a personal level. It may be for the purpose of negotiating a business deal or some personal reason. Our experienced and dedicated team will assist you so that you will not become alienated on foreign soil.

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