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Internship Abroad

We offer internship programs abroad in Europe, the US and other nations with a blend of the language course and inter-cultural seminar. In accordance with an educational profile, one can enroll in respective areas like law, medical college/hospital, university, and Multinational companies. The mode of language for the program depends entirely on the individual. However, one can opt for a language course to learn and know a new foreign language and its rich culture, history and its people. Even the inter-cultural seminar helps to overcome the communication barrier and to interact with the locals. It gives the insight to know the work culture and approach towards a work/task.

The program will not only offer to gain knowledge but can be a source of employment in the near future as we know that the knowledge of a foreign language is an asset and helps in the overall development of the personality of a person. It gives an opportunity to know about the technical advancement and the business model in comparison with India. The socio-economic environment will help to learn and explore new areas of business and its implementation in the Indian context. All study or training material during internships will be provided in the native language of the country to enhance your language skills.

It makes the travel easy for the intern as proper guidance will be provided during the course of the program until your return to India.

The assistance provided as below:

  • Visa assistance

  • Valid travel documents

  • Ticketing

  • Accommodation

Internship Programs

We offer an internship in foreign countries, based on your qualifications, with a blend of the language course and inter-cultural seminar. The alliance with a suitable company / University / Institutes / Law office / Medical college or Hospital (Partner) for the internship abroad is arranged and agreement made accordingly. We provide complete assistance during the tenure of your internship. A certificate is issued upon successful completion of the training /internship/courses in the respective field.

Your internship in a foreign country is confirmed only after a visa is issued as per the norms and regulations of concerned Embassy or consulates. We assist you timely in regards to visa formalities as per your internship category.

We offer various internship programs as mentioned below:

A. Cultural Training Internship:

Cultural Training Internship is meant for non-native students from other countries, who like to do an internship in Europe, the US or other nation and the focus are on the culture and traditions of that nation and its impact on the society & its socio-economic development. It is aimed at students from the field of Languages, IT, Business Management, Graduation, Post graduation, Engineering, Medicine and Law. The main aim of this internship is to acquaint them with the rich culture and local dialect of the country. Depending on the tenure of the internship one can avail benefits too.

B. Language Training Internship:

Language training internship is meant for Indian students who like to do language internship abroad and the focus on the subject´s language. They not only learn and master a new language but also get the chance to indulge in rich & vast culture, the lifestyle of people and more. The knowledge of the new language will ascend to host of opportunities apart from being a calm & composed person. It enhances the vocabulary and the ability to interact with anyone with confidence.

C. Professional Training Internship:

 A professional internship offers to IT, software, hardware, and networking etc. for better opportunities for employment. During the internship program, one can also enroll for management or postgraduate courses from university/institute of international repute. It helps in career progression in India or abroad. In the professional world, abroad training or work experience is an asset. In today’s globalization environment such professional training is desirable and gained much importance than before.

Duration of Internship

We receive a number of requests from students every year for internship. Our team considers all the queries either single or group requests. Our internship programs include language training and cultural training along with your area of specialization. It is a blend of cultural exchange and professional training, in order to gain knowledge and work experience. The duration of various internship programs are as follows:-

  • Two weeks Internship Program

  • Three weeks Internship Program

  • Four weeks Internship Program

  • One month Internship Program

  • Two months Internship Program

  • Three months Internship Program

  • 6 months Internship Program

  • 12 months Junior Diploma

  • 2 years Senior Diploma

  • 3 years Bachelor Degree Program

For above-mentioned internship programs, we need a covering letter, your resume or request letter from existing university/institute/company and also a recommendation letter from Professor or any of the valid documents for processing the application. However, for a language student or translator, only a copy of student identity card is required.

Benefits of internship with us

  • We as an advisor assist till the completion of the internship program and in regards to visa formalities and ticketing etc. Our local partner will help to complete the internship with ease.

  • All the internship training is accompanied with certificate courses in the particular subject. A certificate will be provided at the end of course / with or without exams.

  • Safe accommodation/hostel will be provided.

  • Lady mentor/warden for female interns.

  • Transportation to and fro.

  • Facilitator to assist in a local language.

Visa Formalities & interviews

  • As per the internship opted related documents along with two photographs and passport details required to apply for a visa. Further, you receive documents to confirm the details about the admission to work in one of our partner universities and institutes / Medical college/ Law office /IT Company/ other Engineering company or technology company.

  • After online completion of the form, we will send you the details so that you can verify such documents on the respective government website of that country. At the time of verification, you have to upload some documents. After that, you can take a print out and send it to concerned Embassy or consulate or its official service provider. We can also process from India through our partner in that country.

  • Interviews with company /institutes/universities/schools/hospital/ law office or any other institutes will be done through our pre-arranged schedules through telephone or Skype.


  • We don’t charge any consultancy fee for our services. But in some cases, we may charge 50 Euros if services taken from an external service provider.

  • If your internship is accompanied with travel which is sponsor by our partner institute/university/college. Then we will charge you 100 Euro as our service fee. In that case, your tour to a foreign country will be free along with accommodation and visa.

  • If it is a non paid internship from an International company/university, all the costs including your travel, visa, accommodation, food will be charged separately on actual. All the expenses depend upon your requirement for an internship program.

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