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Foreign Language Study Tours, Study Tours, Foreign Language Tour, Study Abroad

Study tour gives a realistic experience to the learners which they will remember longer. It helps them to explore and provides the opportunity to learn.  To learn a new language, it is important to fall in love with where it is from. Our Language Immersion Tours merge cultural experiences with interactive lessons to provide you an opportunity to discover the essentials of a foreign language.

There is a daily theme like art, history or cuisine that connects the theoretical lesson with hands-on activities and conversations with locals. A students’ fluency expands along with their confidence and passion for the language. It also adds authentic cultural richness to their language development.

We offer Language tours for learners in foreign universities where they can enhance their language skills and get the cultural immersion. We will assist you unbiased in choosing the right type of language immersion and language course abroad to match your needs and requirements.

The highlights of our language tours are:-

  • Study with international students

  • Professional language schools

  • Accommodation & Meals included

  • Social & Cultural activities

  • Group language classes

  • Tours & Excursions

  • A true Cultural Immersion

  • We welcome all levels of a language

Our language tours are accompanied by a certificate course. We also assist our students for sponsoring language tours. We have a wide range of exciting internship opportunities for entry-level candidates. These positions are the first step to launching a global career in IT, sales, marketing, operations, finance and many other areas. We work with recognized universities that guarantee the highest quality language courses abroad.  We also offer many specialized and tailor-made language courses for Students, Business people and professionals along with interactive sessions.

Following are the types of language tours :

  • Cultural Language Tour

  • Yoga Study tour

  • Spiritual Language tour

  • Professional Study tour

  • Medical study tour

  • Technical Study tour

  • Legal Study tour

  • Corporate study Tour

  • Pilgrim study Tour

  • Voluntary Study tour


We propose short-term and long-term language tours in native nations that enable an effective way of language learning. Most intensive language programs compress one to two semesters of language study into an eight to ten-week format, although the length may vary depending on the program you select.

We offer the following intervals for language immersion tours:-

  • 1-week study tour

  • 2 weeks study tour

  • 3 weeks study tour

  • 1-month study tour

  • 2 months study tour

  • 3 months study tour

  • 6 months study tour

  • 1-year language program

  • 2 year’s language program

  • 3 year’s bachelor degree program

Family Exchange program

Family Exchange program means Hosting or sponsor a student by sharing your home, country, and culture with the student from another country. International students will attend a local high school or college, often participating in local clubs, school activities, sports and more. The length of stay varies depending on the program but often lasts a semester to an academic school year.

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