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Our aim is to bring both cultures, Indian and European very close to the heart of people of India and Europe.
We realize that both cultures are closely connected to each other for ages. We intend to deepen
our cultural relationship strongly and extensively. As part of it, we are imparting German, English,
French, Chinese, Russian and Spanish language courses to all Indians starting from School children to
college/university students, their families and parents and also to employees of various companies with various levels of the German language. Inter seminars will also be offered to them. Spoken German/ French/English/Spanish are also offered to the students. On the other hand, we also teach Sanskrit and Hindi including other languages to the foreigners working in India and also our own foreign guests who can go back to Europe and teach these languages to them. We will impart them with training on IT, History, and Indian culture to them. So if you know Hindi, English and any Foreign Language, you would be able to communicate with more than half of the world which opens many professional gates.

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