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Study In Canada

Canada is one of the most happening and a popular destination in the world to visit, study and settle. A Country with beautiful landscapes, rocky mountains and great lakes with three oceans situated on its boundaries the Arctic on the North and Atlantic and Pacific Ocean on East and West. Canada enjoys six time zones, its climate varies around the country as it is the second largest country by land in the world. Overall summers are cooler and Winters are very cold. Canada’s history shows dominance of two European Countries Britain and France and it is proud of its inherited rich British and French culture. Canada has a maximum number of Christianity followers apart from that it has a population of Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews, and Muslims who enrich the religious and cultural diversity of Canada.

Study In New Zealand

New Zealand “The Land of Maoris” and KIWIs also the national symbol of the country and how people of New Zealand represent themselves. Maori culture is an important part of the country which means love for their fertile land and with its history of European, Pacific Island and Asian cultures it appears as a small heaven on earth. Main religion is Christianity in the country. The main attraction is the famous Kāwhia Kai Festival celebration on native Māori food and Waitangi Day to celebrate the partnership between the local people and the Crown. New Zealand is the fifth largest island on the world map and is split into two islands North and West and many small islets. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and enjoys a temperate climate with cool and humid summers and cool winters lying close to the coast.

Study In Australia

As the world has become global Australia in the past few years has come into the limelight of the world and has become not only a top tourist destination due to its breathtaking beaches, lush green alps, golden coastlines and desserts but also a country to study and settle. Surrounded by Indian and Pacific Ocean it enjoys climates from extremely hot to extremely cold temperatures affected by the ocean currents. Australia is the world’s smallest continent and sixth largest country by land it is a well-developed country and has become the choice of many.  Its economy is service sector dominated, manufacturing, agriculture, services, education mining and tourism play a major role in market capitalization it has rich natural resources and is the largest exporter of natural gases, iron ore, gold, wheat, wine and wool.

Study In Singapore

Singapore is World famous as a Little Red Dot on the World Map and popularly known as The Garden City located in South East Asia with its green belt. The Melting Pot Cultures of Singapore has made it one of the favorite tourist attraction in the world. Paulan Ujong is the main island of Singapore and is surrounded by many small islets. Lying close to the equator Singapore enjoys a tropical climate with warm and cool winters and untimely showers. Singapore has to its kitty a lot many names and tags that it has earned as the most “technology-ready” nation(WEF), top International-meetings city (UIA),  and with “best investment potential” (BERI), and nevertheless “Intelligent Island” the first to have adapted using the internet.

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