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Web designing is the procedure for collecting the ideas, arranging and implements them to create the unique and purposeful website. A website designer is very important with the intention to present the content on the electronic web pages. There are liements of the web designer like the layout, color, Graphics, fonts, and content. To creating the user on the website there are some of the focal points which are prominent navigation, multimedia, compatibility, technology and interactive. All these are points which makes a website a friendly designer website.  Design explains the visual appearance of the website. The traditional approach of any of the website involves coloring, style of the graphical elements and use of the icons, background texture and general atmosphere of the website.

Duration: 6 months (Thrice week classes for 2 hours)

Basics of Web Design

  • Basic principles & Design Concept to develop a website
  • Home Page Layout & Page design
  • Designing navigation bar
  • Planning process
  • Five Golden rules of web designing
  • Customer Demographics
  • Useful Content
  • Call to Action
  • Study Your Competitors
  • Check and Balance
  • History of Internet
  • What is the World Wide Web
  • The need of creation of a website


HTML refers to the Hypertext markup language. The main function of HTML is to describe the structure of the web pages using markup. There are so many HTML elements such as building blocks of HTML pages. All the elements of HTML are represented by the Tags. HTML tagging content such as ‘’heading’’, ‘’paragraph’’, table and so on. All the programme of HTML  written in the ‘’JavaScript’’.

  • What is HTML
  • The basic structure of an HTML document
  • Creating an HTML document
  • HTML Tags
  • Mark up Tags
  • Line Breaks
  • Heading-Paragraphs

Elements of HTML

  • HTML elements – Text, Lists, Tables and Frames
  • Hyperlinks, Images and Multimedia
  • Forms and controls



CSS refers to the Cascading style sheets is a very simple mechanism for adding a different style like fonts, colors, and spacing. The main function of CSS has described the elements of the rendered on screen, on paper and in speech and other media related ways to describe. The working style of CSS is based and included sectors and properties, writing CSS rules, Applying CSS to HTML, how to specify length color and unit in CSS. CSS is the core language of the open web and is standardized according to the specification.

  • Elements of CSS
  • Creating Style Sheet & CSS Colors
  • Creating page Layout and Site Designs
  • CSS Id and Class
  • CSS Styling
  • Background & Text Format
  • Controlling Fonts
  • block elements and objects
  • Lists and Tables
  • Box Model
  • Introduction
  • Border properties
  • Padding Properties
  • Margin properties
  • CSS Advanced
  • Grouping & Dimension
  • Display & Positioning
  • Floating & Align
  • Pseudo-class
  • Navigation Bar
  • Image Sprites & Attribute sector

Introduction to Web Publishing or Hosting

  • Creating, Structuring & Publishing of web site
  • Editing & formation of the web site
  • Titles formation for web pages
  • Themes-Publishing web sites.